My First Audio Narration

It is not every day that I make myself proud. It takes a lot even for me, to please myself. I am more often than not critical of what I do. This time however, on this one rare occasion, I am very, very pleased with what I have managed to procure. An audio narration of one of O Henry’s finest works…The Gift of the Magi. After plugging in Stephen Fry’s Harry Potter series in my ear for long hours and being enthralled by it for over the past month, I finally gathered the courage to build an audio book in my own voice. When I started recording this short story, it almost felt like it was my calling! It is not the result that has brought a proud smile to my face, but the effort that I willingly and passionately put in to arrive at it. This little project has brought me far greater joy than most of my commercial recordings.

And I am hardly the judge, but O Henry is such a writer whose words you do not read, but they jump into your mouth themselves, only to be cited with the right emotion, at the right place and pauses, and with just the right amount of emphasis and force, metering themselves into just the flow that can only be called, perfectly appropriate. And lastly, I am weirdly thankful to him that he died over a 100 years ago leaving his work of short stories into the public domain such that the likes of me could record and publish them under creative commons without facing the wrath of the daunting copyright issues.

Go ahead, sit back and relax and lose yourself into a 15 minute audio ride of The Gift of the Magi!


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