The Problem with Writing


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The primary reason behind starting this blog was to develop my writing skills. I never expected it to be easy. Far from it; I believe this is going to turn out to be one of the most challenging tasks I have taken up. I have a couple of ideas in my mind about what this blog will showcase down the line, but all of them are so vague than I am unable to put any into action.

I can hardly call this a writer’s block because I am NOT writer. Not yet, anyway. In order for me to be one, I must be a DECENT reader if not a voracious one. And I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that I haven’t read a lot. The books and authors that I have read so far can still be counted on my fingers and that means the number is not quite sufficient.

I wonder if accomplished bloggers and/or writers go through what I am about to explain. Sometimes, during idle moments, which involves talking to my myself a lot, my brain throws at me some random set of words or ideas or even plausible dialogues that sound great. But I don’t have a story or plot to fit them into. If at gunpoint I was made to write, say a piece of fiction, I WILL manage to spew a story. But it won’t be something that I would read and appreciate. Not that if I really WAS held at gunpoint THAT  would matter. But my point is, I do not want to just write something in order to keep the blog running. That would, in fact, kill the purpose of this entire activity.

As for goals, I do not have any that involves a specific number of followers. I won’t nag myself about writing everyday compulsorily either. While I understand that practice is the only way to achieving perfection, I also don’t want to post meaningless blogs that won’t bring me satisfaction at the end of the day.

As for what I want this blog to be, is that it should be flexible. I should be able to mould it the way the want to, when I want to. I don’t want to put any limitations to it by making it about “something”. I wish to include travel experiences, slice-of-life events, food and cooking, short stories, art…so long as it gives me scope to express myself and things remain interesting overall.

So if you have any tips or suggestions that will help me write please help yourselves in the comment section. Cheers!


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