The Beginning

They say work begun is half done. But you know what? In most cases, in MY cases, it is not. Work begun for me is, more often than not, left half done. There’s a perfect word for it, in my mother-tongue, Marathi, that describes this human tendency of beginning something new with great enthusiasm coupled with die hard promises to self of seeing it through the end; which ultimately becomes a lost cause- “Aarambhshoor”. That loosely translates into the “Beginner’s Courage”.

A couple of years back, I started a blog as part of a college assignment and was determined to continue it, but left it a soon as I got the number of credits to move on to the next semester. I did not as much LOOK back at it until recently, when a friend asked me to share its link with her. So naturally I visited my own long lost blog page and glanced through and realised that it’s actually a tad bit embarrassing. God bless her; she was actually INTERESTED in reading it!

But this was enough to get me thinking about how weak-willed I really am. So, I decided to do something about it and start blogging again. There are a number of reasons behind choosing to write. One, is I am getting a little too comfortable for my liking in the other aspects of my life, namely, personal and professional. I am genuinely happy and satisfied with both, but there’s  nothing challenging happening in either. Two, writing is one of the most convenient art forms (isn’t physically taxing or doesn’t call for any paraphernalia ) and yet, not as easy. I would have loved to take dancing or singing lessons, but a recently developed health issue won’t allow me to do any of the two. Besides, I have realised and come to terms with the fact that I am not as smart as I would like to be. So what better way to up my game than starting something that I am mediocre at and improving along the way? I don’t have anything particular in mind to write about, which interestingly, gives me a wider scope about creating anything from this virtual space!

Today is the last day of the year and this might seem as an impulsive new year’s resolution. But here’s the irony; let alone new year’s, any resolution for me, is a facade because I never seem to follow through.

*Sigh*I just realised how negative and demeaning I sound towards myself in this whole article! Other that doubting my abilities from time to time, I am a confident woman with high regard and self esteem for myself. That said, I look forward to becoming instantly famous and worshipped by my followers. Cheers!


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